Participants commute to & from their internship sites on their own using public transportation (taxis or local shuttle buses).Participants may (or may not) be accompanied by SSSA & CHF staff and/or other participants who are assigned to the same internship project, depending on the days schedule. While interning, participants may encounter cultural differences in their respective sites (i.e. schools, clinics, fishing shores) that will present valuable learning opportunities and can also cause discomfort and require adjustments in attitude, perspective and action. 


Participants will engage in long hours of study and serious classroom discussion. Classes typically commence after participants return from their internship sites which can increase tiredness. Classes can run from 2-4 hours and involve intense dialogue and review of materials that relate to sensitive topics such as race, racism, gender, inequality, colonialism and other forms of global injustice. 


Outside of servicing the local community and studying in the classroom, participants will engage in cultural activities and outdoor excursions. Extracurricular activities may include dancing, drumming, arts & crafts and hiking and/or other similar engagements. Some of these activities take place in the local area and some require 1-3 hours travel to the activity site (which is provided by SSSA). 



In order to ensure successful participation and a healthy living & learning environment, Star Service & Study Abroad applicants must possess the ability and demonstrate a willingness to do the following:

  • Openness to adapting, adjusting, making mistakes, learning & growing

  • Engage in critical thinking and respectful dialogues around race,
    racism, privilege, power, politics and other "taboo" topics

  • Travel distances that may include sitting in a car for 
    1-3 hours or walking up to one mile at your own pace

  • Move independently to and from your internship sites

  • Lift your own luggage (estimated 20-40lbs)

  • Manage time wisely

  • Take initiative