After being admitted to Star Service & Study Abroad, participants must complete the following paperwork by 11:59pm EST on the stated deadlines to confirm their enrollment. 

To Complete With OtheRS

These items (A-C) are not administered by SSSA and must be completed through a third party. These items can take some time to schedule & process. Therefore, participants should start completing these items immediately after being admitted to the program to ensure a smooth travel experience.

**Though there is no stated deadline for items A & B, participantswill have to complete both of these items in order to apply for a visa (item C). The deadline to apply for a visa (item C) is June 1st (or June 12th for waitlisted students) which means that A and B on this list must be completed well in advance of June 1st. 

A. Passport
In order to travel internationally and obtain a visa, all participants must have a valid passport. Passports cannot have an expiration date that is within six months of the program's end date. Participants may need to either renew an old passport or apply for a new one. Both of these processes can take several weeks, so admitted participants are strongly encouraged to begin this process right away. Please visit our Passports page for more information and details. 
B. Vaccinations
In order to obtain a visa and ensure a healthy trip, participants must have several vaccinations administered by a medical professional. Scheduling a doctors appointment, receiving vaccines and obtaining documentation of your treatment can take some weeks. There can also be a shortage of certain vaccinations in some city and states so there can be a delay in receiving shots. For these reasons, students are strongly encouraged to begin this process right away. Please visit our Vaccinations page for more information.
C. Visa Application
Visas are necessary in order to enter most foreign countries and especially for extended stays. In order to apply for a visa, participants must have a valid passport and proof of vaccinations (both of which they will send to the Ghanaian Embassy), as well as other supporting documents. It can take several weeks to apply for and obtain a visa. Participants should begin this process immediately after being offered admission into the program. Please visit our Visas page for more information. 



To Complete With Us

Admitted participants must complete items 1 - 8 by the enrollment forms deadline. Form 9 is a background check which may require finger printing to complete and form 10 is a physicians statement and will require a doctors visit to complete. For this reason, the deadline to submit forms 9 and 10 is later than the deadline to submit forms 1 - 8. Please see the Deadlines page for details. All forms must be signed, scanned & emailed directly to us at 

1. Photo Consent Form

2. Liability Waiver

3. Living & Learning Policy

4. Rules & Safety Agreement

5. Harassment & Discrimination Policy

6. Risk Management Protocol

7. Tuition & Fees Agreement  

8. Program Consent Form

9. Background Check

10. Confidential Medical Information Form