SSSA Response to COVID-19

March 15th, 2020


Dear SSSA Community,


Be it politically, socially or medically, the safety and well-being of our participants and host community has always been our top priority as these very matters are embedded in our curriculum, service projects and the “do no harm” principles upon which we founded SSSA. 


Currently our planned destination area of Kasoa, Ghana has been rather unaffected by COVID-19 and our trip is scheduled for late summer. While we are taking all precautions and staying up to date with the latest health and travel requirements from governmental organizations in both the U.S. and Ghana, we are planning to move forward with our summer 2020 trip. Should the situation become more severe, we would choose to delay or postpone our program over cancellation. 


Since Ghana, along with many Sub-Saharan African nations, have been deemed low risk, we must ensure that we are protecting our partners and host community members from our US-based participants who have higher chances of COVID-19 exposure. With that said, we are continuing our application process and upon acceptance, admitted students will be subjected to additional enrollment measures to ensure the health and safety of all. 


In light of the situation and the discomfort, uncertainty and changes it has created, we have decided to extend our application deadline to Wednesday, April 1st to allow more time for participants and recommenders to get their materials in. Along with that, we have also extended our other deadlines (for deposits, enrollment forms, and tuition) by two weeks to try and decrease the stress for prospective applicants. Please see the dates & deadlines page on our website for details. Should you have any personal, academic, familial or financial concerns in regards to your intended participation please do not hesitate to reach out. We are glad to make further adjustments on a case-by-case basis and support you in any way that we can.


Should any of our policies or procedures change, we will of course keep you all updated. We wish you safety, good health and comfort surrounded by loved ones during this strange and difficult time. 


In solidarity,

Nia & Brittni

SSSA Co-Founders


By email

During the academic year we are reachable by email only.
Our email address is

By phone

During the program dates we are reachable by both phone and email. 


SSSA Program Directors
Nialena Ali: +233-24-287-7386 

Brittni Howard: +233-50-941-1592

Emergency Contacts

Kasoa Health Center (open 24 hours)
233-302-682709 / 233-302-687821

For local ambulance services, dial 193
For local fire department, dial 192
For local police, dial 191

Calling Abroad
When calling to the United States from outside the country, the exit code (also known as the international access code) is 001. When calling from the United States to another country, the exit code is 011. 
For a complete list of country codes click here. For more information on how to make calls abroad click here

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