Students interested in receiving academic credit for their time abroad with SSSA should arrange a summer independent study course with a professor from their home institution (or an advisor). Academic credit cannot be arranged through study abroad offices or career service centers. 

Star Service & Study Abroad does not offer academic credit for student participation at this time nor do we provide transcripts. However, we will provide progress reports and evaluations upon request. We are happy to be in contact with students' advisors and coordinate with them to try and ensure that students will be able to receive academic credit for their time with SSSA. We understand that students will likely have to provide deliverables (i.e. essays, research reports, media projects etc.) to satisfy their independent study credit requirements with their home institution. Which is why we designed the program in such a way that students will have "free-time" on Fridays and weekends. On these days students will be able to work on academic projects & deliverables.