2018 Program Deadlines


Application deadline                                 March 1

Deposits due                                              March 31

Enrollment Forms 1-10 due                         April 13

Tuition due                                                  May 1

Visas, passports & vaccinations*               May 18

Arrive in Accra                                            June 4

End of program                                          July 14


*recommended deadline for material submission




We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis. Applications are to be completed electronically online. If you would like to request a paper application, please send your request to us at admin@starserviceandstudy.com. Spots fill quickly so apply today!


Admitted participants are to sign, scan and send all forms to us via email. Participants should refer to the "Checklist" to know which forms to complete and when. 


Tuition must be submitted in full on the stated deadline by 11:59pm EST. We do not accept cash or checks. Payments must be processed electronically.


We strongly encourage participants to review the visa requirements as early as possible because it may take time to acquire the materials needed for your visa application. A number of documents must be gathered prior to applying for a visa including a valid passport. Visa applications are submitted by mail to the Ghanaian Embassy and will be mailed back to you upon approval. This process can take several weeks so it is very important that participants complete their visa application by or before the suggested deadline. 


After purchasing a round trip ticket to Kotoka International Airport in Accra, participantsmust submit their itineraries to Star Service and Study Abroad by the stated deadline. Itineraries are to be typed into the provided spreadsheet.