I. What dates should I select?


For the 2018 summer program participantsmust arrive at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana on Monday, June 4th (at any time) & plan to fly out from the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana on Saturday, July 14th (at any time).

Star Service & Study Abroad participants are responsible for buying their own roundtrip ticket to and from Ghana. SSSA does not take responsibility for booking flights, itinerary changes or baggage fees. SSSA participants may arrange to arrive early in Ghana or stay beyond the program dates if they wish, however they will be responsible for arranging their own accommodations and this is not included as part of their tuition.  


II. When should I buy my ticket?


You will need to have purchased your flight in order to apply for your Ghanaian visa (they want to make sure that you have plans to return home before granting you permission to enter the country)! Visas may take several weeks to process so participants are strongly encouraged to buy their ticket as soon as possible so they can send it in with their visa application and get the ball rolling.  



III. How can I save money on my flight?


Buy your ticket as early as possible
Ticket prices go up as it gets closer to your intended departure date. 

Buy on a Tuesday or Wednesday
Many find that ticket prices can be a few dollars lower midweek.

Depart from a larger airport
If you are near a small airport (ex. Bradley Airport in Hartford,CT) you may find it cheaper to drive to a larger city (ex. Boston or New York) and fly out from there.

Consider buying group tickets
Many airlines and travel agencies offer flight discounts for group travel. SSSA takes no part in the buying of tickets (whether as individuals or a group) and does not take responsibility for third party agencies. With that said, you are free to coordinate with one another and make arrangements to buy as a group and receive a discount (make sure that the agency that you consider buying with is legitimate, has high reviews and can be contacted by telephone first and foremost)! 



IV. What should I do after I buy my ticket?


After you buy your plane ticket you must submit your flight information to SSSA through this form so we can arrange airport pickup times. If you do not submit and verify your flight information through the form, we will have no way to know when you arrive and when to get you from the airport.