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SSSA participants are responsible for purchasing their own roundtrip ticket to and from Ghana. Participants must arrive at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana on the program start date and plan to depart from the same airport on the program end date. SSSA does not take responsibility for booking flights, itinerary changes or baggage fees. SSSA participants may arrange to arrive early in Ghana or stay beyond the program dates if they wish, however they will be responsible for arranging their own accommodations as extended stays are not included as part of participant's tuition.  

When should I buy my ticket?

Participants interested in applying for a single entry visa must purchase their flight prior to applying for a Ghanaian visa. This is required as a way for the Ghanaian government to ensure that visitors have plans to return home before they grant them permission to enter the country. Visas may take several weeks to process so participants are strongly encouraged to buy their ticket as soon as possible so they can send it in with their visa application and avoid any delays. Airline prices are also subject to increase closer to the time of travel so participants are further encouraged to purchase their tickets as soon as possible to ensure the lowest ticket prices. 

What should I do after I buy my ticket?

After you buy your plane ticket you must submit your flight information to SSSA through this form. This allows us to know your itinerary, track your flight in the case of any delays, and arrange airport pick up times. Failure to submit your flight information to SSSA can negatively affect your experience arriving in Ghana as we will have no way to know when you have landed and when to get you from the airport. 

**Tips for saving money on airline travel: Buy your ticket as early as possible & consider departing from a larger airport in a major city (for example Boston or New York instead of Rhode Island or Connecticut)

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