In order to participate in Star Service & Study Abroad's summer program, admitted participants must complete Form 10, which is a Confidential Medical Information Form. Part II of Form 10 must be completed by a licensed medical professional (such as physician or nurse practitioner) who is not an immediate family member of the participant. The Form will be returned to the and considered incomplete if it does not have the participant’s name or is missing information. 

Star Service & Study Abroad requires participant's medical information and official clearance to ensure that a) the participant possess the physical and mental well-being required to live in a foreign setting, participate in excursions, and exercise good judgement b) the participant will be able to access regular treatments or health resources they may require c) existing health conditions will not be aggravated by the participant's participation in our program. Star Service & Study Abroad uses this form to ensure participants safety and general well-being while overseas. Access, respect & inclusion are core values of Star Service & Study Abroad's mission. Participants are encouraged to disclose information honestly and to the best of their ability so we can accommodate their health needs adequately and/or make appropriate recommendations. SSSA keeps all reported medical information strictly confidential. 


PLEASE NOTE: In addition to receiving clearance from their healthcare provider for the Confidential Medical Information Form, participants must also visit a medical professional to receive their vaccinations (which are required to obtain a visa to Ghana). These are two separate requirements. For your convenience, we recommend that participants schedule their vaccination appointment and physical examination in the same visit if possible.


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