Star Service & Study Abroad is committed to creating global stewards who are adequately prepared to address the many humanitarian challenges that our multicultural world faces. We do this through our unique Service & Study Model that allows participants to apply what they learn in the classroom to service projects in the community. 


Our participants spend half of their time interning on one of the Cheerful Hearts Foundations three main projects. Each project has a different team leader (see CHF team leaders here) and a different project site though they are all fundamentally interconnected. Because each project has some overlap, participants may be asked at times to help out on a project that is different from the one they were originally assigned. SSSA participants are expected to have a flexible attitude to ensure their contribution to CHF is relevant and maximized. 

Anti Child Labor & Trafficking Project
CHF often works right on the shores where many children have been trafficked and are subjected to labor in undesirable conditions for the fishing industry. Whether collecting data or providing resources to children working on the shore, this project serves as a point of intervention. Learn more about this project here

Education Project
This project sustains CHF's Anti Child Labor & Trafficking work, ensuring that previously trafficked children receive a quality education and can have a future outside of the fishing industry. Learn more about this project here

Public Health Project
This project serves as a prevention method as CHF educates teens on safe sex and pregnancy prevention (amongst other things) to prevent the cycle of teenage pregnancy which can lead to higher rates of poverty and child labor exploitation. Learn more about this project here


With an engaging and enriching syllabus designed by seasoned traveler, social activist and doctoral candidate, Brittni Howard, SSSA participants engage in critical discussions and educational activities around topics of:

  • Colonialism
  • Race/Racism
  • Slavery
  • Identity
  • History
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Int. development & aid
  • Public health
  • And much more!

We feel that it is important for participants to understand their positionality in the world & investigate the political, historical and social events that contribute to an issue before trying to remedy it. Therefore our learning environment focuses largely on social justice & self-reflexivity. We see it irresponsible to go to another country to "help" with little knowledge of the culture, customs, and history of the region and we are recognized critics of the volunteer tourism industry. Not only do we thoughtfully analyze the issue of child trafficking in Ghana, we also look at the history between West Africa and the Western World. In particular, we analyze the impact that service trips & aid from the West has had on post-colonial Africa and question our own roles, participation and potential. The goal of our curriculum is to create educated participants that are an asset to the community in which they serve, wherever in the world that may be.