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"SSSA provided a good platform for growth and learning."


"[The program] Included topics relevant to Ghana & the USA. Had professionals & locals come to explain as well.
Not common." 


"I liked the material chosen...and the size of the group permitted a more close and honest analysis of the content." 


"Not being babied [worked well for me & my CHF internship]. Expected to do your job & get there on time and by yourself."


"Being able to have the freedom to go straight to my internship site [worked well for me]....I think that being alone forced me to be more confident in my capabilities as an independent person in a foreign country, and allowed for more interaction with CHF staff and non-SSSA interns."


"I loved the cultural activities that we were introduced to, (the naming ceremony, drumming lessons, making batik, etc... ) this made me feel more apart of Ghana. I also enjoyed the general structure of our days, readings, Twi, and the speakers were excellent! I was so impressed to have the speakers we did...I also thought the weekend at Cape Coast to visit the dungeons was extremely informative"


"Yes! I loved (and still continue to love) learning Twi! allows for stronger connections/exchange between SSSA participants and Ghanaians, as we are speaking one of the local languages, but it also adds perspective to our class discussions on colonialism; if we are learning about the lasting negative effects of colonialism, then it should be recognized that expecting others to speak our language (English), while not expecting ourselves to speak their language is a form of Western colonialism, as it places English as more important/valuable, when in fact, English, Twi, Ga, Fante, Senya, and any other language we encounter in Ghana is as expressive, useful, and important as English." 


*Testimonials collected from our 2017 anonymous SSSAlumni survey responses submitted in September, 2017