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Our participants engage in critical discussions and hands-on community engagement while enjoying Ghana's rich culture and vibrant social life. During the 10 to 14-day program, participants explore Accra, meet organizers in Kasoa, relax in Kokrobite, and go for group excursions to botanical gardens, rainforests, historic landmarks, city markets, rural fishing villages, and more.

"I've also learned that I am capable of doing things that push me outside of my comfort zone, whether that is navigating in a taxi or walking on a rope bridge above a tree canopy"

~Sarah SSSA 2021



This day is dedicated to establishing group rules and reviewing safety information. We include creatively designed games and special activities to help participants practice skills for getting around in Ghana.
We will learn more about one another, the history of Ghana, and gain basic language, observation and navigation skills to ensure a smooth trip moving forward.​
The day is busy:
  • Land at Kotoka International Airport
  • SSSA meets you and takes you to our lodging
  • SSSA orientation - policies, expectations, health and safety recommendations, agenda and academic requirements.
  • Group dinner



Experience More!
  • Every morning we have Tea & Twi as a group
  • As a group we explore Accra, Kasoa, Senya, or Kumasi
  • Each day we try:
    • new foods
    • new music
    • new words and phrases
    • new mindsets
  • Experience Ghana through team-building exercises like scavenger hunts, photo contests, and other engaging activities. ​
  • Participants will be introduced to short learning materials  to help contextualize our daily activities
We take a number of excursions and tours during the program:
  • Tour the capital city of Accra and visit national, historical and cultural landmarks such as:
    • the burial site of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
    • W.E.B. Du Bois memorial and museum
    • the largest market in Accra 
    • art galleries
    • the University of Ghana, Accra
    • beaches, botanical gardens, and hikes
    • museums and more!
We meet with SSSA project partners during the program. Depending on the requests of your group where we customize a program for you prior to travel, your group will have the opportunity to  participate in a number of events, workshop trainings, and community projects that our partners have scheduled. This could include:
  • organizing community breast cancer awareness campaigns
  • reaching out to young people in schools regarding reproductive health, sanitation, and hygiene
  • assisting in the classroom (as substitutes) while teachers attend trainings 
  • working alongside youth groups doing community clean ups
  • facilitating trainings for school-age children
  • providing assistance to health care workers on a high-attendance clinic
  • presenting personal experiences during life-skills' workshops
  • assisting and record-keeping during special needs screenings (hearing & reading)

Final Days

SSSA Closing Ceremony!

Enjoy shopping, nightlife, and cultural events! Keep your eyes out for fabrics, spices and paintings, and stock up on gifts for the return home.
Participants will enjoy an overnight getaway to a secluded beachside location for a special SSSA Closing Ceremony filled with food, laughter, activities to acknowledge and appreciate one another, reflect and (finally) give farewells. 
We get our COVID19 tests together, pack our bags, check our departure documents.
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