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After being admitted to Star Service & Study Abroad, participants must complete the following paperwork by 11:59pm EST on the stated deadline to confirm their enrollment. 

To Complete With Others

These items (A-C) are not administered by SSSA and must be completed through a third party. These items can take some time to schedule & process. Therefore, participants should start completing these items immediately after being admitted to the program to ensure a smooth travel experience. Please note that though there is no stated deadline for items A & B, participants will have to complete both of these items in order to apply for a visa (item C). 

A. Passport
In order to travel internationally and obtain a visa, all participants must have a valid passport. Passports cannot have an expiration date that is within six months of the program's end date. Participants may need to either renew an old passport or apply for a new one. Both of these processes can take several weeks, so admitted participants are strongly encouraged to begin this process right away. Please visit our Passports page for more information and details. 

B. Vaccinations
In order to obtain a visa and ensure a healthy trip, participants must have several vaccinations administered by a medical professional. Scheduling a doctors appointment, receiving vaccines and obtaining documentation of your treatment can take some weeks. There can also be a shortage of certain vaccinations in some city and states so there can be a delay in receiving shots. For these reasons, students are strongly encouraged to begin this process right away. Please visit our Vaccinations page for more information.

C. Visa 
Visas are necessary in order to enter most foreign countries and especially for extended stays. In order to apply for a visa, participants must have a valid passport and proof of vaccinations (both of which they will send to the Ghanaian Embassy), as well as other supporting documents. It can take several weeks to apply for and obtain a visa. Participants should begin this process immediately after being offered admission into the program. Please visit our Visas page for more information. 

To Complete With SSSA

Admitted participants must complete Forms 1 - 11 by the enrollment forms deadline. By submitting the following forms, you are confirming your enrollment in our program. Upon completion, all forms must be signed, scanned & emailed directly to us at

***Please note that all forms must be scanned and emailed in PDF format as a single attachment. We do not accept photos of forms or submissions in any other format. Forms that are not properly scanned or are sent as separate attachments will be disregarded. 






1. Photo Consent Form 
The purpose of this form is to obtain participants consent in regards to their images being used strictly for promotional purposes


2. Liability Waiver 
The purpose of this form is to have participants waive SSSA's liability in the unlikely event of legal disputes or injury and other matters on the participant's behalf. 


3. Living & Learning Policy
The purpose of this form is to make clear the expectations that SSSA has for participants in regards to their behaviors while living and learning with us.  


4. Rules & Safety Agreement
The purpose of this form is to ensure that all participants are fully aware of the program rules as well as our safety precautions and health recommendations. 

5. Harassment & Discrimination Policy
The purpose of this form is to make all participants aware of the policies and protections that are available to them in regards to harassment and discrimination. 

6. Risk Management Protocol
The purpose of this form is to make participants aware of how we manage our strategic and operational risks for our organizations, community partners & communities.


7. Tuition & Fees Agreement
The purpose of this form is to make participants aware of our terms in relation to all fees, tuitions and any and all other monies paid. 

8. Program Consent Form

The purpose of this form is to confirm that all participants have read, reviewed and signed all necessary documents and are willing and ready to join our program.

9. Confidential Medical Information Form

In order to participate in Star Service & Study Abroad's summer program, admitted participants must complete a Confidential Medical Information Form. Part II of Form 10 must be completed by a licensed medical professional (such as physician or nurse practitioner) who is not an immediate family member of the participant.


Star Service & Study Abroad requires participant's medical information and official clearance to ensure that a) the participant possess the physical and mental well-being required to live in a foreign setting, participate in excursions, and exercise good judgement b) the participant will be able to access regular treatments or health resources they may require c) existing health conditions will not be aggravated by the participant's participation in our program. Star Service & Study Abroad uses this form to ensure participants safety and general well-being while overseas. Participants are encouraged to disclose information honestly and to the best of their ability so we can accommodate their health needs adequately and/or make appropriate recommendations. SSSA keeps all reported medical information strictly confidential.






10. Background Check

Form 11 is a federal background check. Participants must request a background check online through My FBI Report's website. Upon receiving their results in the mail, participants must scan and email their report to us. If you experience any delays in receiving your results please email us directly to let us know.

*** PLEASE NOTE: My FBI Report requires that you have your fingerprints taken. Their website offers the sheet that your prints must be taken on as well as a list of places that provide fingerprinting services (typically local police stations). However, you may find it more convenient to go to a local college campus as many campus police stations offer this service at no cost (Mount Holyoke College in particular offers free & convenient fingerprinting services)

*** PLEASE NOTE: In addition to receiving clearance from their healthcare provider for the Confidential Medical Information Form, participants must also visit a medical professional to receive their vaccinations (which are required to obtain a visa to Ghana). These are two separate requirements. For your convenience, we recommend that participants schedule their vaccination appointment and physical examination in the same visit if possible.

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