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Our participants engage in rigorous classroom learning & hands on internship work while enjoying Ghana's rich culture & vibrant social life. During the week, participants attend classes & report to their internships. On weekends, participants can explore nearby Accra, relax in Kasoa or join us for group excursions to beaches, rainforests, historic landmarks and more.

"I loved the variety of a fun weekend, then class, then internships. I loved the program design and setup. SSSA was an amazing learning experience."

- Althea, 2018 participant


Week 1


This week is also dedicated to establishing group rules and reviewing safety information. We include creatively designed games and special activities to help participants practice skills for getting around in Ghana. We will learn more about one another, the history of Ghana, gain basic language, and navigation skills to ensure a smooth trip moving forward.

  • Land at Kotoka International Airport

  • SSSA meets you and takes you to our lodging

  • SSSA orientation - policies, expectations, health and safety recommendations, agenda and academic requirements.

  • Internship orientation

  • Team-building

  • First class sessions with Brittni

  • First Twi lesson with Becky

WeeK 2


This week is intended for participants to get a feel for the area more independently. SSSA is always there to help, but participants often venture off in small groups and pairs to get acquainted with their new living, learning and working environments. 

  • We are in full swing at our internships.

  • As a group we explore Kasoa:

    • new foods

    • new music

    • new acquaintances and colleagues

    • new responsibilities

  • Participants will be introduced to their learning materials and will begin to engage in classroom discussion.

  • Practice getting to and from service project locations via local transportation.

  • Enjoy the group activities, cultural events, and explore the area. 

Week 3

Midway Point!
We have a regular schedule in the classroom and with our professional mentors working on their respective community projects. To help shake up the work week and increase participants cultural and intellectual understanding of Ghana, we have guest lectures, art lessons, drumming and dance classes and other exciting activities. 


We take a number of weekend trips and tours during the 6 weeks:

  • Tour the capital city of Accra and visit national, historical and cultural landmarks such as:

    • the burial site of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

    • W.E.B. Du Bois memorial and museum

    • the largest market in Accra, 

    • art galleries

    • the University of Ghana, Accra

    • beaches, botanical gardens, and hikes

    • museums and more!

To mark our midway point in the program, SSSA will take participants on a special trip and spend the weekend beachside.

WeeK 4

Service & Study!
Participants deep in their service and study work.


This week marks an important time professionally as we begin planning our public symposium. Participants may plan and partake in a number of activities for our symposium, including:

  • a professional presentation outlining a topic of interest related to academic material 

  • a professional presentation regarding a social issue they wish to explore related to their internship

  • performing a song, poem, or other creative piece

  • coordinating a group dance or song

  • collecting photos for a slideshow

  • preparing thank-you cards and gifts for internship mentors and colleagues.

  • creating ways to engage the youth and community members they worked with 

  • ... and more!

Week 5

Week 6

Service & Study & City!

Participants continue to engage in classroom and internship activities. SSSA plans a number of team building activities, again.


This time we raise the bar for the students to challenge themselves to practice their twi and navigate the local environment. After having spent over 30 days in Ghana, participants have a better understanding of local languages, customs, currency, cuisine, and arts.


Participants are free to enjoy shopping, nightlife and cultural events and - having become pro bargainers - many find themselves grabbing fabrics, paintings, and stocking up on gifts for their return home. This weekend will conclude with a group beachside brunch.

SSSA Closing Ceremony!

The final week comes fast. We get our COVID19 tests together, pack our bags, check our departure documents, and take everything we can in before the final day.


Participants will wrap-up service and study work in Kasoa:

  • say good-bye

  • give contact info, thank-you cards, and gifts (optional) to teachers, mentors, and new friends

  • write final reports for internships

  • participate in public symposium - enjoy local food, drinks, and community

Finally, participants will enjoy an overnight getaway to (yes, another) awesome, secluded beachside location for a special SSSA Closing Ceremony filled with food, laughter, activities to acknowledge and appreciate one another, reflect and (finally) give farewells.

Lastly, SSSA staff see participants off to the airport. 

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