Tips for Successful Scholarship Writing

1)  Research the mission of the scholarship. 
Why are they offering their scholarship? Tailor your essay to align with their mission & goals.


2)  Look at all the parts of the questions.
Be sure to fully answer all the questions and consider the order they are asked. Often the earlier or beginning questions are the most important, but the last ones still should be addressed completely. Application questions can also be multilayered so make sure your response addresses every element of the question. 


3)  Consider your background and unique qualifications.
Think about your leadership experience, academic achievements,
community involvement, and other unique aspects that make you stand out.


4)  Always include WHY you need funding. This should be at least a paragraph.
This might include the struggles you have from working multiple jobs while being
a full-time student or your family....Help the reader know you and your story.


5)  Personalize! 
Your essay should not only reflect your character, personality, and experiences,
it should tell the reader about you and not offer blank generalizations.


6) Always state why you make an ideal candidate. 
Let them know why they should invest in you. Explain how the money would contribute to your future goals and how them contributing to you will help you become a more well rounded person/better professional and help you contribute to the world. This should be toward the end, if not the last paragraph.


7) Seek feedback! 
Head to your schools writing center, call a friend or see your advisor to have your application proofread and checked for spelling and grammar!

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